Brain Bugs

What makes the book all the more compelling is the lucidity with which Buonomano recognizes, amidst its weaknesses, the brain's insurmountable strengths, feats artificial intelligence is ages from reaching--most notably, its remarkable penchant for pattern-recognition and what Buonomano calls 'the inherent and irrepressible ability of the brain to build connections and make associations.'

Maria Popova, The Atlantic

An absolute delight to read and truly fascinating... This is a brilliant book about the failings of your most important organ. They won't kill you (usually) but they certainly will enthrall you.

Brian Clegg, Popular Science

A fascinating account of the way memories are made, and how these particularities frequently lead us into error. As [Buonomano] makes clear this has real world impact, from forgetting your phone number to identifying the wrong person in a police line-up to developing entirely false memories of parental abuse.

Stephen Cave, Financial Times
Your Brain Is a Time Machine

Mr. Buonomano sets out boldly to accomplish what Saint Augustine did not dare--to explain time in its infinite varieties.

Carol Tavris, Wall Street Journal

Buonomano lays out a wealth of complex concepts in an entertaining, digestible way.... [This] book will make you question your own perceptions and marvel at the fact that your brain is probably 'the best time machine you will ever own.'

Diana Kwon, Scientific American

Full of delicious details.... Reading Buonomano's book, it's hard not to marvel at how time and timekeeping pervade our existence.

Anil Ananthaswamy, New scientists

The beauty of this book is Buonomano's seamless leap from the fields of biology and psychology into the world of physics. Never appearing out of his depth, he grapples with the subject's most infuriating question: what is time?

Jonathan Blott, Lancet Neurobiology